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About Meng Peeps

Established in 1970, Meng Peeps is a boutique retained search firm dedicated to nonprofit institutions—primarily colleges and universities, hospitals and health systems, cultural institutions, and research institutes.

With offices both in California and South Carolina, Meng Peeps conducts executive searches across the country. We specialize in searches at the highest leadership levels.

What Differentiates Us?

Unlike large search firms whose business is driven by volume, ours is driven solely by quality and the reputation that comes with it. As a small firm, we only take on as many searches as we can do excellently. If our bandwidth at any time is too limited to perform at that level, we forego additional opportunities. For us, referrals and repeat assignments are the best measure of our work.

Another distinction is that the Partners do every aspect of the work themselves. There are no junior staff behind the scenes to whom the work is handed off. Two Partners are assigned to each search, which means that we vet candidates together, resulting in richer assessments. At least one Partner is always available, and we believe communication is key to a successful outcome.

Finally, our Partners were nonprofit executives in earlier careers, so we often have walked in candidates’ shoes. Candidates are more likely to respond to us because they know we understand their profession. And because we have often done their work ourselves, we can quickly evaluate their strengths relative to the position.

National Executive Search

National Executive Search