National Executive Search

What We Do For You

Our process is focused, yet always tailored. Each search is customized because our clients’ objectives are different, needs are particular, and criteria are exacting.

Successful searches generally progress through specific phases, within which such tailoring occurs. These involve:

Developing a strategy and determining the pool of candidates. More... Developing a compelling position specification and preparing to launch. More... Conducting extensive outreach and interviews. More... Presenting a short list and selecting semifinalists. More... Creating an offer and facilitating recruitment. More... Wrapping up the search and keeping in touch. More...

Because human nature is involved, executive searches often twist and turn, with highs as well as lows. They involve idiosyncrasies, and are affected by factors outside of your and our control—like timing, relocation, family circumstances, two careers, and, of course, compensation. This requires flexibility on everyone’s part. Time frames may have to be adjusted. Most of all, excellent communication is essential.